Diversity Excursions

Diversity Excursions, Ltd.

It was created in February 2000 as the trading subsidiary of The Global Diversity Foundation. It raises funds for GDF projects while educating the general public about the cultural, ecological and historical heritage of Morocco. Over £160,000 earned by Diversity Excursions since 2000 is supporting conservation, research and training initiatives of GDF in varous countries. In the future, Diversity Excursions plans to offer trips for GDF supporters to Borneo, Mexico and southern Africa.


Diversity Excursions in Marrakech

Diversity Excursions designs tours for guests who stay at Jnane Tamsna in the Palmeraie of Marrakech, Morocco.  During the excursions, English-speaking Moroccan guides accompany guests on visits of Marrakech and its environs. The guides – many of them from Amazigh (Berber) communities – are experts in explaining the general culture, ecology and history of the southern Morocco. Moroccan and foreign scholars accompany guests on selected field visits to provide additional insights into local diversity. Diversity Excursions has designed tours for a wide range of institutions, including the American Museum of Natural History, Eden Project, Harvard Museum of Natural History , and the Harvard Alumni Association.


in:spa Retreats

in:spa offers all inclusive health and fitness holidays that combine outdoor fitness activities, yoga, massage and gourmet healthy cuisine in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and reflection.  It provides a donation of 50 euros to the Global Diversity Foundation for each guest at its retreats in Marrakech.




Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures

Peggy Markel, entrepreneur, gastronome and world traveler, has designed and directed culinary tours since 1991. Her love of food and travel have developed into a livelihood as a cultural translator; opening doors to experiencing and understanding culinary traditions at their source.  She provides a donation of 300 USD for each guest who accompanies her on a culinary adventure to Morocco.